Lumileds can successfully sell senior vice preside


He also rest with Lumileds executives, including Rahul Bammi vice president of marketing and product management at the global, responsible for regional markets in Asia Alvin Tse, for the Chinese market, the market in Asia Zhou Xuejun, director of Asia, as well as Ray Chock senior marketing and business development director, etc. who accept LEDinside visit.

This event, as Lumileds itself or American companies, there are some details of the transaction are not clear events also need to clarify, Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) in charge of foreign investment matters in the United States and therefore represents examine this transaction also further clarify some uncertain details therefore suspend approval.

Emmanuel Dieppedalle noted that the current terms of the parent company, Philips is working with the US Committee on Foreign Investment in terms of communication and provide padded CFIUS required transaction data. According to his understanding, the entire transaction is not much of a problem. Philips original aspect in July 2014, Lumileds announced to the cause and Automotive Lighting integration, establishment of an independent company. Later, in April 2015, Lumileds formal independence as a company, this news release the next day, it announced the Jinsha River led Lumileds Go Scale Capital has a deal to sell about 80% stake to Go Scale Capital, Philips Leave approximately 20% stake in the parent company Lumileds.

He said, Lumileds and Go Scale Capital transactions, from the second half of 2014 to the first half of 2015 announced that it was already talk a few months, the two sides also had quite a lot of communication, there are already quite a good foundation.

He also believes that when the future completion of the transaction, Lumileds power LED in a variety of products such as the LED market scale will be better visibility and has now gradually increase market share, Lumileds displayed on product innovation has been quite good results. In the future when the transaction is completed, Go Scale Capital will integrate with the import of resources to assist Lumileds itself develop more market share and create greater than the existing ecosystem.

In addition, rumors of LED applications in the field of defense part, accounting for a very small proportion of revenues Lumileds, and will not pose a problem.

Filled the information through the CFIUS review machine rate

As for the case of Lumileds if it can not be sold to Go Scale Capital, the possibility of this outcome is very low, but will continue to supply as Lumileds LED lighting components, automotive lighting components important role. Philips Lumileds aspect at this stage, is to continue to proceed as scheduled with the transaction in the implementation of the content and provide more transactional data CFIUS need for the competent authorities for examination, the deal will still be completed.