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Features and Specifications:

USB Interface:Designed to USB2.0 compatible with USB1.1specifications
*Capacities :64MB,128MB,256MB,512MB,1GB,2GB,4GB
Dimensions: 68mm x21mm x 10mm
Storage Temperatures: -20° C to 85° C (-4° F to 185° F)
Working Temperatures:0° C to 60° C (32° F to 140° F)
**High Performance:Reading speed up to 10MB/S ,Writing speed at 2MB-6MB/S

System Requirements:
Operating System                             Data Storage           Disk Manager Softeware
Windows Vista                                           Yes                               Yes
Windows XP (SP1 and above)                    Yes                               Yes
Windows 2000 (SP3 and above)                Yes                                Yes
Windows 98 se                                          Yes                                Yes
Mac OS (10.x and above)                           Yes                                Not Supported
Linux (2.4 and above)                                Yes                                Not Support

Customizable Services: ,Preload Files,AutoRun ,Read Only Files,Partitions,Password Disk(some of the services should be charged)